“How Code-Switching Explains The World”

Today, NPR announced the launch of team Code Switch, which will be “covering race, ethnicity and culture at NPR.” Although the authors admit that they will be using the term code-switching rather broadly, I am excited to read/hear more from them in the coming weeks, as I think these kinds of projects help promote a more conscious, descriptive approach toward language(s) among non-linguists.

Also, the article included a link to this entertaining illustration of code-switching by Key & Peele.

One thought on ““How Code-Switching Explains The World”

  1. Great video – my favourite personal experience of code-switching in action was some years ago when I went to an friend’s engagement party – he was originally from Glasgow in Scotland, but had moved to the East End of London at the age of 14 … both areas with very distinctive dialects. His parents were there, and he introduced them to me in his familiar East End accent (hard to transcribe, but something like : ‘ere, Jim, these are moi parents”) and then turned to them and in broad Glaswegian announced “Mam, Dad, thus uz mah mate Jum!” I don’t believe he even realised that he was doing it … Fascinating stuff.

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