One thought on “Today I defended my prospectus!

  1. For all of the cool gameplay features that have been developed for this year’s game, the most debated will likely be a huge departure for the series called GameFlow. It’s an automated play calling feature that shortens a typical gameplay experience to about 30 minutes (where it used be closer to an hour) by theoretically cutting the amount plays from more than 300 to one. I think if you’re someone who’s new to Madden or if the complexities of figuring out formation types was too much for you in the past, you’re going to enjoy the bulk of what GameFlow does for you. On the flipside, if you’re a hardcore football fan like me who really knows their X’s and O’s, chances are you aren’t going to use the feature all that much. The AI makes some bone-headed play calls that, while they won’t be noticed by casual players looking for a quick game, will likely be lamented by hardcore veterans of the series.

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