This year has been about change, adaption, and journeys.

In May, I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation, titled The “ITA Problem” from a World Englishes Perspective: Linguistic, Cultural and Institutional Challenges to ITAs’ Personal and Professional Development.

In June, I traveled to Europe and presented my paper, titled “Polish Your English with Donald”: Satirical Use of English in Polish Internet Memes, at the 8th Central and Eastern European Media and Communication Conference in Zagreb, Croatia.

In July, I moved to Magnolia, Arkansas.

In August, I began working as an Assistant Professor of English at Southern Arkansas University (SAU).

It has only been a few weeks since I started working at SAU, but I feel like I am finally adjusting to the “rhythm” of full-time teaching. This semester, my courses include Composition I, Comparative Grammar, and Second Language Acquisition (which I am offering as an independent study). I am absolutely thrilled to be able to teach such a wide variety of classes and to work with students who are so engaged and curious. I am also enjoying getting to know my new colleagues, who have been a great source of support to me in the past months and who have welcomed me with open arms at SAU.

I am very much looking forward to the rest of the semester and to this new journey I am taking. In the coming months, I also hope to share some snapshots of my journey and to upload new teaching materials. Stay tuned!

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